Buckingham Farms & TopTropical  2019

The April 4, 2019 trip to the Buckingham Farms and TopTropical in Fort Myers, FL was a fun day with 19 members participating. The weather was beautiful except for a few outbursts of rain.

Our first stop was Buckingham Farms where we had lunch and viewed the hydroponic veggies. Below is quoted from their web page.

Buckingham Farms is a 50+ acre hydroponic farm, country store, and counter service eatery. They take great pride in delivering the freshest quality produce, homemade food, and memorable moments to the guests.
"We’re taking farm-to-the-table food to the next level. Everything at Buckingham Farms is naturally grown by agricultural specialists with years of experience. We get more crops from less space, so we’re able to harvest more with a smaller impact on the planet. We only practice responsible farming and pledge a commitment to our local community and economy."

Our second stop was TopTropical Nursery. We had a guided tour of the nursery and their unique plants. Their web site that lists all their plants and the shipping policy.

A big thanks of appreciation Sharon for arranging 2 interesting places to visit.

To view pictures go to: Trip

updated 7 Apr 2019