AvPCI Plant Sale

Saturday, May 6, 2017, the Avon Park Correctional Institution held their annual plant sale. It was a beautiful spring day for plant shopping. The plant sale in open to the public and all the plants are available for purchase at a very reasonable price. The money from the plant sales goes towards maintaining the nursery program.

FFGC supports the nursery through it's "Therapy Through Plants" program. To learn more about the program go to Avon Park Correctional Institution .

Several members of the garden club went to the plant sale and found "treasures" they could not live without. President, Margo Sanders, present officer Sauls a check from the garden club to show our support for the program. The funds were the proceeds from the recent garden club plant sale.

Some pictures were compliments of Margo Sanders.

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updated 8 May 2016