Caladium Festival 2018

Caladium Floral Arrangement Contest

July 27th – 29th 2018


The 28th annual Caladium Festival was once again a huge success.  The weather was hot and the people were plentiful.  The Caladium Floral Arrangement Contest and the Artist Contest for next year’s T-shirts and poster were again held in the Mid-Florida Community Room.  We had a great view of the festivities and could hear the various singers performing.


Our busiest day was Saturday with Friday falling closely behind. Between the two days we had just under 1000 people vote for our People’s Choice award. The Garden Club volunteers were kept busy answering gardening and caladium questions, as well as directing the crowds to the People’s Choice voting.  We made some wonderful contacts which we hope to turn into some great speakers and demonstrations for our coming year. 


A Master Gardener, a local artist and a Co-op member were the judges this year. There were 22 adult and six student arrangements submitted for judging with the results as follows:


1st Place                      Hope Heck                  “Pink Lemonade”

2nd Place                     Hope Heck                  “Cathy’s Boot”

3rd Place                     Marcia Price                “Going Green”

Honorable Mention      Margio Sanders         “Ice Bucket Challenge”

People’s Choice            Hope Heck                  “Cathy’s Boot”


Student Category

1st Place                      David & Hope Delewski      “Country Charm”

2nd Place                     David Delewski                  “Spectacular Sunrise”

3rd Place                      Hope Delewski                   “Nature Art”


The Garden Club volunteers at this year’s event were Peggy Alexander, Fran Bomberger, Sherry Bowie, Ed Fabik, Paula Fabik, Mary Flummer, Julie Gardner, Peter Otway, Sandy Otway, Marcia Price, Sue Rood, Sandra Rosch, Margo Sanders, Shirley Slotten.  A shout out to Maryel Clare for updating the Garden Club brochures for the festival. 


Thank you to all the GC volunteers who helped make this event a success.  Written by Janet Earnshaw, chairperson

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Some pictures compliments of Paula Fabik & Sherry Bowie.


updated 5 Aug 2018