Classic Caladiums 2018


Our first plant study/field trip was to Classic Caladiums in Avon Park. What a wonderful 4 1/2 hour educational and fun tour. Dr Hartman and his son talked about all aspects of their caladium operation. 

They plant over 2 million bulbs by hand every year. Their planting method is different than the caladiums in the muck fields in Lake Placid. All their caladiums are planted in raised beds (think strawberry fields), and are irrigated and fed nutrients in drip lines controlled electronically by computer programs.

Dr. Hartman specializes in developing new caladium varieties with characteristics like more sun tolerant, thicker leaves for durability, and shorter time from bulb to mature plant.

They also grow canna lilies, colocasias (elephant ears) and Alocasias. They mix well in potted plants with caladiums.

It was a great trip with lunch at the Olive Garden to rehash all we learned.

To view pictures go to Classic Caladiums


updated 28 Sep 2018