Caladium Festival 2019

Caladium Floral Arrangement Contest

July 26th – 28th 2019


The 29th annual Caladium Festival was once again a huge success.  The weather was hot and the people were plentiful.  The Caladium Floral Arrangement Contest and the Artist Contest for next year’s T-shirts and poster were again held in the Mid-Florida Community Room.  We had a great view of the festivities and could hear the various singers performing.


The Garden Club volunteers were kept busy answering gardening and caladium questions, as well as directing the crowds to the People’s Choice voting.  We made some wonderful contacts which we hope to turn into some great speakers and demonstrations for our coming year.


We did not have any student entries this year and we had fewer adult entries. The were also fewer entries for the art contest.



Thank you to all the Garden club volunteers who helped make this event a success. 

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updated 14 Sep 2019