Junior Gardeners

On April 18th, the garden club members met with the Junior Gardener at the Lake Placid Memorial Library in Lake Placid.

Several junior gardeners attended to learn about starting herbs from seeds. They wet paper towels and placed them in a plastic bag and should have sprouts in 5-7 days ready for planting. They could chose from cilantro, sweet basil or chives.

They checked the gardens for weeds, bugs and planted a few new plants.

The kids got to add their hand print to one of the garden benches if they had attended 3 or more meetings.

The Junior Gardeners will meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:15 pm at the library. Members are encouraged to come play in the dirt with the students.

To view pictures of the Junior Gardeners go to: April Jr


updated 6 May 2018