Project Acorn 2016

Early AM Friday, June 10 , 6 LPGC volunteers once again rescued the acorn plants from being overtaken by a plethora of weeds!  Recent rains caused the plants to be almost consumed by weed growth, but after 2 hours of pulling and tugging, pots were cleared and ready for the  final planting phase which will be done first part of July.

Members got to see some baby Scrub Jays in their nest box . It is being recorded that we are having a 60 or more % of survival of the acorns being planted. That is really good. If you can please come and volunteer for this great project. We are making sure that our scrub jays will be with us for a very long time. You do not need to stay for hours just whatever you can do will make a big difference.

July 10, 2016, five Lake Placid Garden Club members and one guest traveled to the FWC Royce Unit of Ridge Rangers—Lake Wales Ridge to participate in Project Acorn for the second year. They planted 350 scrub oaks at the Royce Ranch. The members have nurtured these plants from potting them, to weeding them twice, to planting them. They are planted in the rainy season so the plants have a higher survival rate. The survival rate was approximately 60% last year. This year the plants appear even healtheir than last year and with our additional sweat on planting day we're positive the success rate will be even greater.

The Ridge Rangers are an organization of volunteers restoring wildlife habitat on the Lake Wales Ridge in Central Florida, and are sponsored by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The 2500 acre conservation site abuts the shores of Lake Istopokga in Highlands County, FL.
We planted 101 oak seedlings, to help restore damaged oak scrub habitat for endangered species like Gopher Tortoises and the Florida Scrub-Jay.
The project is partially financed by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, Disney’s commitment to promote the happiness and well-being of kids and families is dependent on protecting the planet for future generations.  Publix donated snacks and drinks for this project—thanks to both, everything was appreciated.
All the Garden Club volunteers enjoyed helping with this project and it is a perfect way to give back to our unique Florida environment.

Thanks to Linda Logan for report and the pictures.

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updated 1 August 2016